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Welcome to Cognition Nutrition

Welcome! I’m Dr Amy Reichelt and I am so glad you are here to find out how Cognition Nutrition can help you on your path to wellness!

I’ve spent the past 16 years studying the brain and how it is affected by food choices and diets.

I have launched my virtual practice in Nutritional Neuroscience, developed from my expertise in Neuroscience (PhD), Psychology (BSc), and Nutrition (Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner) and work in clinical development for pharmaceuticals (including psychedelic medicines) to treat mood and neurological disorders.

My scientific experience has allowed me to learn evidence-based ways to help people succeed in their brain health goals – achieving a clear, focussed and sharp mind.

Above all, I believe that brain health is critical for your overall quality of life. Your brain is vital for communicating your ideas and thoughts, controlling your mood, making decisions, memories, problem-solving and living your best life. Your brain is arguably the most valuable organ in the body!

What is Nutritional Neuroscience?

Nutritional Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary health science field that examines how aspects of nutrition (e.g. diet quality, food choices, vitamins, and supplements) impacts brain function.

If you want to learn more about this exciting field and how it can improve your mental wellness why not sign up to my Brain Health Program? To learn more – get in contact with me

There is no better time than NOW to start making changes so we can live out our lives with clear and sharp minds.


Developed with 15+ years of experience in cutting-edge cognitive and behavioural neuroscience from world-renowned universities in Canada, UK and Australia.


Dr Amy Reichelt is recognized as a scientific leader in nutritional neuroscience – with a research track record of over 50 peer-reviewed publications in leading health and medicine journals.

Brain Health

Nutrition programs are created with scientific expertise to promote mental wellbeing and brain health – helping you to lead your best and most productive life!


Cognition Nutrition is a specialized, science-driven nutrition, health and lifestyle consulting service led by Dr Amy Reichelt (PhD, BSc, CHNP).


Please reach out so we can work together to develop nutritional strategies for better brain health.

Cognition Nutrition specializes in personalized programs for individuals and group education in nutrition and lifestyle in both private and corporate settings.