The Cognition Nutrition Brain Health Program

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The Brain Health Advantage

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Twelve weeks to potentially change the rest of your life? Here’s how we can do it:

In the Cognition Nutrition 12-week Brain Health Program cognitive neuroscience is used to assess and monitor brain function, mood and mental health. We can then prescribe individualized diet and lifestyle plans with follow-up tracking and health coaching sessions – enabling you to lead your best life.

My experience in cognitive neuroscience, psychological assessment, and nutritional expertise, along with a comprehensive intake review allows the development of a customized approach for you – that works!

The Brain Health Program is a 12-week program tailored to you. Our programs are backed by science-based neuroscience and nutrition, and it’s customizable to address your unique needs. It includes 1-on-1 appointments, check-in calls and comprehensive lifestyle guidance to support you every step of the way.

So… what are these neurocognitive tasks?

The suite of neurocognitive tasks we use are based on traditional pen and paper tests used in clinics, and were refined for ease of use by Cambridge University based neuroscientists – think of them like brain games! These tests accurately measure core elements of cognition like memory, reasoning and attention, are trusted by leading healthcare clinics and cognitive neuroscience researchers, and have been validated by decades of scientific research.

Neurocognitive tasks allow:

  1. Detection of early signs of impairment, and implement lifestyle strategies to reverse them.
  2. Tracking so that our interventions have the desired effects on brain health.
  3. Measurement and comparison of the full impact of our program across key brain health markers.

Even better – Our assessments can be completed in the comfort your home.

What about moods and emotions?

Our moods can have a massive impact on how well we think and behave in certain situations. This is why we also include validated neuropsychiatric measures into our cognitive testing regime, allowing us to track how your mindset is changed by nutrition and lifestyle plans.

We can measure how you are feeling in terms of:

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Food addiction
  • … and many more