At Cognition Nutrition we specialise in bespoke nutrition-based strategies to increase brain resilience – with neuroscience at the core of the programs.

The Cognition Nutrition Brain Health Program

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Give your brain the Cognition Nutrition advantage with our 12-week Brain Health Program! Harnessing the power of cutting-edge and scientifically validated neurocognitive and psychological assessments, we will:

1) Analyze your current brain function status – including memory, mood, concentration, and attention.

2) Identify precision nutrition and lifestyle interventions based on your cognitive strengths and areas for improvement.

3) Generate a personalized Nutrition for Brain Health Plan.

This individualized health coaching program with Dr Amy Reichelt is available for 12-weeks, with further options to extend. During the multiple check-ins across this period we will discuss lifestyle, provide understandable data reports on your brain function and provide further testing to track and measure cognition.

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Individual nutrition coaching

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Nutrition planning and health coaching with Dr Amy Reichelt, with a focus on improving brain health. Whether you have a diagnosed condition, are looking to balance your mood or support your brain, we create individualized programs designed to meet your neurological needs.

These individualized plans are available after completing the 12-week Brain Health Program, with the option of the addition of integrating mood and cognitive tests on an ad-hoc basis.

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The Cognition Nutrition Brain Bootcamp

Books currently closed – contact me to get on the waiting list

Want to nourish your mind with a deeper understanding of the cutting-edge science behind Cognition Nutrition?

Dr Amy Reichelt runs a Brain Bootcamp group training every 6 months.

Hosted online, the Brain Bootcamp includes 5 hours of easily-digestible lectures covering the neuroscience of how food impacts brain function, a Brain Bootcamp workbook, access to lectures presented by Dr Amy and live Q&A sessions. The content is constantly evolving and updated with the newest information – no bootcamp is the same!