The Cognition Nutrition Brain Health Boot Camp

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Team training – for your brain!

Want to nourish your mind with a deeper understanding of the cutting-edge science behind Cognition Nutrition?

The immersive Brain Bootcamp is our group training event. Hosted online, the Brain Bootcamp includes 5 easily-digestible lectures covering the neuroscience of how food impacts brain function and mental health, your own Brain Bootcamp workbook, access to the Facebook Group and exclusive live Q&A sessions with Dr Amy Reichelt. The content is constantly evolving and updated with the newest, relevant and credible scientific information – hand picked and distilled by our expert!

Want to know what’s on the Brain Bootcamp menu? Topics include:

  • The fundamentals of nutritional neuroscience.
  • How diet impacts brain plasticity, emotion, learning, memory and cognitive resilience.
  • The latest scientific findings on how diet can control stress, neuroplasticity, the gut microbiome and ageing.
  • How do nutrients including ‘super-foods’ and adaptogens promote brain health, as well as the science behind the negative effects of sugars (and artificial sweeteners), saturated fats and alcohol on brain function.
  • What is epigenetics? And how does nutrition impact across generations?